Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Lalaloopsy Birthday Tea Party

I feel that I should document this. Took me many months of planning, of researching to come up with the little girl's Lalaloopsy birthday tea party. But the effort was well worth it! The little girl and her guests enjoyed themselves. And since we both like Lalas and tea parties, the preparations were as fun as the actual event itself.

Am not exactly the most creative, or craftsy, but I do research and follow directions well!

The food was the easiest -- for a tea party I just needed some savories, scones, bread, sweets, etc. the harder part were the tea cups, the table setting and the lalaloopsy related stuff.

I brought back my mom's vintage teacups from manila to make sure all guests have one. Most of my lalaloopsy stuff suppliers, I found from Etsy. The paperplates, table clothes and cake stands are from a stall I discoved at a mall here in Singapore. Other dining ware I bought from Cath Kidston online.

For crafts, The kids decorated tea party hats made out of paper plates and plastic bowls.

Games are the usual -- treasure hunt, pin the crown to Jewel Sparkles and musical chairs. Prizes are lalaloopsy books, clips and pencil toppers.

The little guests went home with mini lalas in paper teacups and button sugar cookies. Mommies went home with teas -- its a tea party theme after all.

At the end of the day, I felt very tired but accomplished. Hahaha. Never thought I could successfully pull it off. But am so happy that I did -- coz I know it made my little girl very happy too. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cycling in Singapore

One of things I will surely miss here in Singapore is our bike routes. I've taken up more serious biking a few months back when I got my hybrid and I like the fact that its something I can do with Bob. I also get to go around Singapore and see just how picture perfect this place is. Here is one proof:

This view is just amazing...! You get to see Singapore's famous landmarks in one frame amidst a sunny background. It looks perfect enough to be fake!

This picture was taken from the jogging/walking/biking route along Gardens by the Bay East Gardens (I think that's what its called) thats runs from Marina Barrage to Tanjong Rhu. We use this route to go all the way to East Coast Park. Its around 45km round trip route from our place. And when its not crowded, its so much fun to bike in East Coast. And if angle your camera in all the right spots, you'd think you are somewhere faraway from the concrete jungle that this tiny country is more known for.

Another route from our place heads west of Singapore to up North. We haven't tried reaching the Bukit Batok Nature Park yet but we made it up to the start of the Bukit Batok Park Connector. Again, along the way I get a glimpse of fresh sights, this being my favorite:

There were surprisingly no high rise peeking from the background! Its along Ulu Pandan Park Connector and the view is just refreshing.
I am not sure how to end this post without sounding too sad again about leaving. For I will surely miss the convenience of biking around the city (hooray for park connectors!) right up to our doorstep, literally. Although I am also looking forward to biking in Manila as our other friends who are serious in it promises us good biking adventure in the provinces. So I guess I will just focus on that.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Crazy Sentimental

Every once in a while (more often these days), I get sad with the thought of leaving Singapore. I know eventually I will be excited about going back, but now am just being crazy sentimental.

By next month, it would be exactly seven years. Seven years since I first moved here. I was single then back in 2005, into my sixth year of working. I moved here primarily because of a good job opportunity.

Since then I became a data miner, a photo hobbyist, a reluctant jogger, a wife, a trying yogini, a SAS Certified professional, a homeowner, a domestic helper employer, an english history enthusiast, a mom, a swimmer, a civil servant, a lomographer, a basketball player, a service quality award winner, a pole dancer, an instagrammer, a Princess mama, a SAS contest winner, a cyclist, and an analytics consultant. Its crazy!

Singapore has been kind to me. I was (well I still am) so blessed to be given this wonderful opportunity to try out new things, take up these different roles. I have learned so much, gained new friends, grown in many ways. That's why I love this place -- Singapore will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Picture Perfect Singapore

How do I say goodbye to this place? My home for the last 7 odd years. Difficult, but necesssary.

The countdown begins...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Very Important Milestone!

The little girl had her first assigment, an artwork on creepy crawlies that she needs to share in class. I got stressed for a little bit because it was for her chinese class although the teacher said she can share in english.

Sigh yes, its now starting.... Its now starting!!! Haha, am just stressing myself for the future of school responsibilities.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drawing Smiles

The other night, Peyton and I discovered a drawing app on the ipad which we enjoyed very much. We were drawing her favorite things -- twinkle twinkle little stars, the playground, her bike (with "clouds" that she drew), and of course Mama, Dada and Peyton:

I taught her to draw a happy face, which for some reason, made hegiggle after every attempt. Until finally she was able to draw her own happy face!

Ok, my drawing skills are not really good but she clearly appreciated my efforts. But more importantly, we both had fun! :)