Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Crazy Sentimental

Every once in a while (more often these days), I get sad with the thought of leaving Singapore. I know eventually I will be excited about going back, but now am just being crazy sentimental.

By next month, it would be exactly seven years. Seven years since I first moved here. I was single then back in 2005, into my sixth year of working. I moved here primarily because of a good job opportunity.

Since then I became a data miner, a photo hobbyist, a reluctant jogger, a wife, a trying yogini, a SAS Certified professional, a homeowner, a domestic helper employer, an english history enthusiast, a mom, a swimmer, a civil servant, a lomographer, a basketball player, a service quality award winner, a pole dancer, an instagrammer, a Princess mama, a SAS contest winner, a cyclist, and an analytics consultant. Its crazy!

Singapore has been kind to me. I was (well I still am) so blessed to be given this wonderful opportunity to try out new things, take up these different roles. I have learned so much, gained new friends, grown in many ways. That's why I love this place -- Singapore will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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