Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cycling in Singapore

One of things I will surely miss here in Singapore is our bike routes. I've taken up more serious biking a few months back when I got my hybrid and I like the fact that its something I can do with Bob. I also get to go around Singapore and see just how picture perfect this place is. Here is one proof:

This view is just amazing...! You get to see Singapore's famous landmarks in one frame amidst a sunny background. It looks perfect enough to be fake!

This picture was taken from the jogging/walking/biking route along Gardens by the Bay East Gardens (I think that's what its called) thats runs from Marina Barrage to Tanjong Rhu. We use this route to go all the way to East Coast Park. Its around 45km round trip route from our place. And when its not crowded, its so much fun to bike in East Coast. And if angle your camera in all the right spots, you'd think you are somewhere faraway from the concrete jungle that this tiny country is more known for.

Another route from our place heads west of Singapore to up North. We haven't tried reaching the Bukit Batok Nature Park yet but we made it up to the start of the Bukit Batok Park Connector. Again, along the way I get a glimpse of fresh sights, this being my favorite:

There were surprisingly no high rise peeking from the background! Its along Ulu Pandan Park Connector and the view is just refreshing.
I am not sure how to end this post without sounding too sad again about leaving. For I will surely miss the convenience of biking around the city (hooray for park connectors!) right up to our doorstep, literally. Although I am also looking forward to biking in Manila as our other friends who are serious in it promises us good biking adventure in the provinces. So I guess I will just focus on that.

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