Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Lalaloopsy Birthday Tea Party

I feel that I should document this. Took me many months of planning, of researching to come up with the little girl's Lalaloopsy birthday tea party. But the effort was well worth it! The little girl and her guests enjoyed themselves. And since we both like Lalas and tea parties, the preparations were as fun as the actual event itself.

Am not exactly the most creative, or craftsy, but I do research and follow directions well!

The food was the easiest -- for a tea party I just needed some savories, scones, bread, sweets, etc. the harder part were the tea cups, the table setting and the lalaloopsy related stuff.

I brought back my mom's vintage teacups from manila to make sure all guests have one. Most of my lalaloopsy stuff suppliers, I found from Etsy. The paperplates, table clothes and cake stands are from a stall I discoved at a mall here in Singapore. Other dining ware I bought from Cath Kidston online.

For crafts, The kids decorated tea party hats made out of paper plates and plastic bowls.

Games are the usual -- treasure hunt, pin the crown to Jewel Sparkles and musical chairs. Prizes are lalaloopsy books, clips and pencil toppers.

The little guests went home with mini lalas in paper teacups and button sugar cookies. Mommies went home with teas -- its a tea party theme after all.

At the end of the day, I felt very tired but accomplished. Hahaha. Never thought I could successfully pull it off. But am so happy that I did -- coz I know it made my little girl very happy too. :)


Anonymous said...

hi there, my little daughter is turning 3 on sunday. Im trying to source out a lalaloopsy birthday cake. do u have any contacts? what's the price like?

thanks in advance.


Missus Cee said...

I just stumbled on your blog! very creative mommy! :) May I borrow your ideas for my party next year too? :)

Beautiful Home UK said...

They are loving it. Super