Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drawing Smiles

The other night, Peyton and I discovered a drawing app on the ipad which we enjoyed very much. We were drawing her favorite things -- twinkle twinkle little stars, the playground, her bike (with "clouds" that she drew), and of course Mama, Dada and Peyton:

I taught her to draw a happy face, which for some reason, made hegiggle after every attempt. Until finally she was able to draw her own happy face!

Ok, my drawing skills are not really good but she clearly appreciated my efforts. But more importantly, we both had fun! :)


Conchita said...

what's the name of the app? our little boy is on the doodling stage too. he might enjoy it. =)

Janie(HooGoesWhere) said...

Nice app! What's it called? Andi loves to doodle na rin ;)