Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Raising the Level of (mis)Trust

Globe recently launched its latest offering, a variety of location-based applications called myGlobe Tracker. The offering consists of 5 services namely: myFriend Tracker, myFamily Tracker, myChat Tracker, Celeberity Tracker, and Nginig Tracker. Basically, the service allows subscribers to locate other subscribers (with their permission, of course) based on the cell site/s information. The service promises to give the general location or vicinity of the subscriber being tracked.

I can just imagine how this service, just like how other telco services did, would re-define certain aspects of human relationships. It was funny seeing colleagues, supposedly in the name of trying out the service, get into heated debates with their significant others in order to get them to "accept" being tracked. "Basta, i-accept mo!" One girlfriend commanded over the phone when her boyfriend called and ask what is this tracker thing all about. Another girlfriend even had to confiscate her guy's phone and "accept" the service herself, since the boyfriend was vehemently opposing the idea. Yup, I got to witness who wears the pants in the relationship on that one.

Stories on how boyfriends (or girlfriends, or husbands, or wives) would squirm their way out of being tracked can be pretty hilarious -- but the entire experience would undoubtedly raise a few questions: "Why are you tracking me? Don't you trust me?" or "Why don't you want to be tracked? Are you hiding something?", that if weren't answered carefully, can damage certain relationships.

Am not saying that the service is all that bad, though. Aside from the variety of interest-based applications (chatting, tracking moviestars or horror alerts), parents can get peace of mind knowing their kids' wheareabouts. The personal locator feature (which sends your location to pre-nominated subscribers when the emergency code is dialled) is ideal for emergency situations.

As for boyfriends... well, they can test their creativity as they try to explain why they are "within the vicinity of Quezon Avenue " when they were supposed to be staying out late because of work.


Blairbitch said...

How does this tracker work?! When will this be functional?! Hmmm... don't you think this would be very useful on some people's better halfs? Especially those who have tendencies to attend their old classmates' bachelor parties?! Hahaha!

kong-chu said...

hey conci! myGlobe tracker is operational already. text FRIEND REG (name),(age) then send to 2877. Ex. FRIEND REG TINI,30

hehehe! :)

Check out the link above for more info. :)

Anonymous said...

How will I know if the tracker is activated in my phone?

kong-chu said...

you will be asked to confirm first if you allow for the person to track you. afterwards, you can check who tracks you and how often. :)

Anonymous said...

What you're saying is that everytime someone wants to track me it will prompt for confirmation first if I will allow it?

My first question was - is there any phone settings where I could check whether my phone is tracker activated?

kong-chu said...

Everytime someone new wants to track you, you will be prompted to confirm. However once you've confirmed, that person can track you anytime already.

You subscribe to the service in order for tracker to be activated. There are no special features required on the phone because the basic service is SMS based. You can be tracked as long there's network signal.

Anonymous said...

Loud and clear... thanks.